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Clifton High School

_DSF3117 (1).jpg

Ficus saplings ready for transport to the school


One of the classrooms recieved their first tree



Some comments from Sam Rimmer, a teacher at Clifton High School:

"I'm pleased to have it, I saw it as somebody giving us something cool that the children would like. I am interested to see what it’ll develop into"

Another classroom received a slightly larger rainforest window display


The finished window rainforest, we can't wait until its established properly!


Ficus saplings being watered in the window installation

thumbnail_20190429_165339 (1).jpg


Some comments from Polly Gibbons, a teacher at Clifton High School:

"I think it made the children feel happy and calm, the children noticed the health of the plants and wanted to water them, they liked having the display in their classroom and it gave me pleasure seeing the children so engaged with the plants."

Some images from the construction


Its got to be level!

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