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Caring For Your Tree


Now you have your tree, how do you look after it?


First, check the soil for moisture. With your finger, feel the compost two centimeters below the surface.

If the compost there looks dark and feels moist then do not water.

If it is much lighter in colour and feels dry, then fill the tray under the pot with water.

Do not water the compost from the top of the pot.

In Summer, when the trees will be growing fast, you can keep the tray under the pot, full of water every day.

Cleaning Leaves

Leaves will collect dust and look dull so it's a good idea to occasionally give them a clean.


Hold leaf stem between 2nd and 3rd fingers and support leaf with your palm.


Then using very soft moist tissue or baby sponge, wipe gently away from the stem.

Keep washing out the sponge so you are not wiping with a dirty one.

Looking Out for Bugs

Look closely at the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf. Look for anything unusual lurking there.


If you see anything on the leaves such as the Scale Insects in this picture, then wipe them away as in the cleaning instructions above.

Meditate With Your Tree

Take a few minutes every day to be still whilst with your tree.

Breath deeply and slowly. Notice the passing of the air, in through the nose and out of the mouth.

Look at your tree, and notice the colours and forms that go to make it up.

If stray thoughts try and disrupt your attention, just say to them:

'Not now, not now' and return your attention calmly back to the tree.

We do not recommend 'talking' to your trees as others may question your sanity. 

The daily meditation will also enable you to see if your tree needs anything too.

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