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St. Philips Marsh Nursery School's Very Own Rainforest

This is the rainforest we created inside one of the classrooms at St Philips Marsh Nursery school.


The rainforest is so inviting, the Gorillas have already moved in!


Daylight from the windows is supplemented by low energy LED lighting, hidden in the fluffy white clouds, to create the sense of a bright day in the jungle on even the dullest winter days.


This amount of light keeps the plants growing happily and also lifts the moods of children and teachers alike.

This is the reaction we had from the school after only one week!!

" Hi, Bristol Rainforest team,


The plants are looking beautiful. The children are loving the room. It has really changed the vibe, and it feels so peaceful in there. The dinner ladies have said that the lunchtimes are calmer in there and they love being in the room.

Often the children just choose to go and sit in the middle of them all. Some of the teachers are now doing small circle times in that area, and we are finding that it is just making group times easier and more relaxing for everyone.


So, a massive thank you!

Best wishes

Simon Holmes


St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School and Barton Hill Children’s Centre/Cashmore Early Years Centre "

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