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Visit to Hannah More Primary School - a Tardis of a school!

I felt very welcomed at the school and was excited to see new possible locations for one of our Banyan trees in this school. I've been past this school many times and it always reminded of the Victorian red brick buildings of my own primary school.

This was the first time I had a chance to take a look inside the school buildings and I was looking forward to more reminders of my primary school days. When I stepped inside, nothing prepared me for what I then saw....

What an incredible space? I totally forgot that I was looking for a new home for a single tree and started day dreaming about a whole full sized rainforest in this amazing assembly hall. My guess is that the hall has a ceiling height of more than 6m.

I met and talked to Sarah, Viki and Ruth. It was great to see their enthusiasm for hosting one of our banyan trees. Only question was; whose classroom was going to have it?

We ended my walk round the school and agreed that the Gruffalo class were going to be the recipients of the first Bristol Rainforest tree at Hannah More Primary. I have a good feeling that they are not going to be the last.

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