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Rochelle - St. Pauls, Bristol,

on how one tree leads to another


I fostered my first banyan tree when I moved to St Paul’s. In a large and nearly empty room, it was a welcomed presence I’d been looking for. Helping it grow was a pleasure and inspired me to get more plants for my new home. I now have 6 plants in my room and a further 4 in my home, all doing well thanks to what I learned from fostering the tree and The Bristol Rainforest.


My first banyan is nearly ready to be placed in its new home, Hannah More Primary School, it’s so big now! Hopefully, the school children will enjoy it as much as I have and it will inspire them to become more connected with nature and the living things around us. 

I’m now raising my second tree and hope there will be many more to come. What a lovely project to be a part of, I would absolutely recommend fostering a tree for The Bristol Rainforest, they make the whole experience simple yet special.

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