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We want to put trees where they can make people happy.


It's as simple as that, and nowhere is this more important than in our schools. Happier children do better and gain more from their classroom environment. We want to help raise the self-awareness of children, their self-esteem and their awareness of the environment, especially the world's rainforests and how important they are to us and the countless beings that live in them.


To do this we are aiming to put a rainforest tree in schools all over Bristol. We hope to make the youngest in our society aware of what it takes to look after their very own tree and learn about the great rainforests around the world that need looking after too.


At the same time, we want to build up children's own self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence. After all children with high self-belief often have a high capacity for empathy for others and the wider environment around them.


Who we are

I'm Manorama.

I grew up in India, in a small village that was surrounded by some of the amazing trees that we now bring into our children's schools right here in Bristol. I was fortunate enough to live and learn and work under the cool shade of huge Banyan trees and have felt a life long love for them. 


The joy I felt in those experiences made me want to bring those trees into my home here and into our schools. My children were inspired to grow plants and trees too. One of them works with me at the Bristol Rainforest.

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Hello, I'm Amrish.

From earliest childhood, I was inspired by my mother to grow plants. I've been putting pips and seeds in pots and have always been astonished and captivated by the plants that came from them. I also have a great interest in education and remember the profound and positive effect on me of good educational experiences that I have been fortunate enough to have had.

Placing trees that I love in classrooms, gives me double satisfaction, working with trees and children. My hope is that some children may come to love trees, plants and the greater environment as much as I do.  


Helloooo I’m Rosie! I studied Biology at Bristol University 2014-18 and I currently work for a gardening app called Candide. have a strong passion for plants, nature and wildlife, particularly in Bristol. I love growing, botany and horticulture and I find the wide diversity of plants and how they contribute to whole ecosystems at a higher level utterly fascinating. 
I want to be part of enthusing and exciting people, especially children, about the happiness plants can provide. Let’s bring the rainforest to Bristol!


Hi, I’m Anna. I work at Bristol Aquarium as the horticulturist, curating a botanical house full of tropical rainforest trees right in the heart of Bristol. I was apprenticed at the University of Bristol, working as a plant technician in their ultra high tech GroDome growth facilities, and now also work there part-time in the CamoLab as an animal vision researcher.  I love all kinds of biology and am very interested in communicating my passion for science and the natural world to the public. Through creating beautiful green oases in our urban spaces, I want to start reconnecting people with nature!




The Bristol Rainforest Headquarters:

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The Hot House is where we work our rainforest magic. You'll often find us here repotting, propagating and growing our rainforest trees for the schools.


New leaf!

On the Temple Tree