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Our First Tree Programme

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In the First Tree Programme, schools approach us, usually after hearing about our work in other schools. We then visit the school to explore suitable places for their new tree, we encourage teachers and heads to visit us at our Hot House too.

If everything is agreeable we arrange to deliver a banyan tree at no cost to the school. The tree is sited as agreed and a riveting talk all about the tree and its rainforest origins is given to the class hosting the tree.


In return, all we ask is that the school sends us monthly pictures of the tree and to fill in questionnaires we send out to record and collate the effect of trees in classrooms.


The First Tree Programme then has a number of activities and talks that we can deliver to the pupils and plant care training for interested teachers and others in the school's extended community.

Take a look at some of the schools already on the First Tree Programme by clicking on their logo.

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