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Cashmore Early Years Centre

I was given a wonderful reception from the staff and children at Cashmore. The children here go down in age to 2-year-olds. They have a very different way of satisfying their curiosity than the 4-year-olds I met at St. Philips Marsh. 2-year-olds want to touch everything, even put it in their mouths. It was a job keeping up with them. 

All the time I was keeping up with the boisterous ones, there was a very quiet little girl standing right by my side. When most of the children had had enough they drifted off and I asked the little girl if she could pass me something. I asked her to help me clean up and as we did I wanted to know from her what she had enjoyed and it was so sweet to hear her say in a very soft quiet voice that she just liked to watch. That's fine too I said. Then when we'd tidied up and I was about to leave, Colin, one of the teachers, stopped me and said:

"That little girl doesn't talk to anyone but she was talking to you!"

I was so elated, that one thing had made the whole day and all the preparations totally worthwhile.

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